Bill of BillZ Woods makes a variety of wooden craft items ranging from Cars and Trucks for Children to beautiful Writing Pens. All are Handmade one of a kind!

Pens are the predominant items of BillZ Woods. They are made of wood from around the world in a vast array of colors, grains and species. From Bocote and Bali to Wenge and Zebra Wood.

Some woods are angle cut, cross cut or straight cut. Some are clear and pale to dark black. Some Pens are even made from Deer Antler and Buffalo Horn!

Each and Every Pen is unique, one of a kind, two pens made from the same blank of wood will have distinct differences and yet similarities.


All Pens have standard refills available at any office supply store.

Our Pens make a very Personal Gift, that any recipient will remember and treasure forever!

We offer many styles of Pens - 30 Caliber Bolt Action, 50 Caliber Twist Action, 30 Caliber Pen (without Bolt Action), Statue of Liberty Pens, Deer Hunter Pens. Finishes in Gun Metal, Chrome, Brass or even 24kt. Gold Plated!

Our most popular style is the 30 Caliber Bolt Action Pen. The Cartridge slides in and out like the bolt action on a rifle. the writing end looks like a 30 caliber bullet. The top features the bolt action with a Rifle Pocket Clip and Primer, similar to an actual bullet.

Gift Boxes available also!